May 9-10: SF, LA and Tucson

Dear Diary,

For the past year, the world has been holding its breath while we've been planning this road trip. And now you can exhale because...WE ARE OFFICIALLY ON THE ROAD, WORLD. 

Yesterday, we moved our lives from our humble Noe Valley abode into our new mobile abode, Shara's 2012 VW Jetta. I mean, maybe we didn't need to bring all the clothes that we have ever bought and owned, but they're in the car now. And you never really know when you might need to whip out a pair of red-and-white checkered bike shorts, or an equivalent, that you have LITERALLY NEVER WORN BEFORE. Look, the lesson here is be prepared. 

A day of driving brought us to Los Angeles and this dog, Zora. She allowed us to stay at her house in her incredibly comfortable guest room, and even hang out with her indomitable human pets, Sophie C and Victor J. Thanks Zora! 

Waking up in the morning, we headed to breakfast in LA on the very chic Larchmont Street. We wanted bagels. Duh. After turning down three or four breakfast spots, we decided on Sam's Bagels--great little spot. And who is in line in front of us but TEDDY S.?! We both performed with him in college! There he was! Getting bagels! Gosh, it's a small world. Even smaller, really, because Teddy was also driving from LA to our next stop, Tucson, the very same day. COME ON WORLD. CALM DOWN.

So leaving our furry host to deal with a flurry of lucrative acting spots and Teddy to find his own way, we left California for the alien landscape of Arizona. 

A perfect cloud, shrub and mountain sandwich. 

On our way to Tucson, we averted our very first emergency, which we will code Number 1. Maybe you've cracked it, but yeah, Shara had to pee REAL BAD. Don't worry though! We made it to the mecca Circle K in the great town of Casa Grandes so Day 2 did not end in disaster. 

Wooo! We'll keep on truckin' so see ya on the flipside.