I have had the absolute joy of experiencing Mona and Shara Do Improv as both an audience member and a fellow performer. This dynamic duo has honed their craft so brilliantly; they delight me every time. It is such a treat to witness these two play around onstage as they tell intricate improvised stories, invent magical moments, and have bundles of fun. Couldn’t recommend their shows and workshops more highly!
— Jessia Hoffman

Noted - San Jose Improv Festival 2018

A list of paint supplies, descriptions of dreams, famous quotes, start-up ideas--every note has a story. Join Mona and Shara as they improvise scenes and stories inspired by the things you wrote down in your phone and completely forgot about. This format was created by Mona and Shara Do Improv.

Noted - San Diego Improv Festival 2018

This show scored a mention in the SDIF 2018 Festival Journal review.

Every year, I feel like I just fall head over improv heels over a specific team for one reason or another. This year, that team was Mona and Shara Do Improv. Whether it was their form, their first mind-melded scene, or some je ne sais quoi they have but enjoyed their set as much as any one during the entire festival. They performed with such ease and grace, and all we we had to do was sit back and watch.
— SDIF 2018 Festival Journal Blog Post, by Michael Romero
I saw Mona and Shara in Hartford and loved it! I was so impressed by their wide range of characters and ability to slip right back into these complex characters they’d created earlier in the show. I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it and would love to see them again.
— Allie Rivera
I love how they took the time to let scenes breathe during their sets. They developed real, authentic characters that you grew to care about throughout the show. The level of detail in the character’s names, backstories, philosophies, and relationships to one another really defined the set. Tons of fun!
— Katie Bucher
There are many talented duos out there in the improv universe. All of them have their strengths but very very few have their chemistry. A show with Shara and Mona is a wild ride and you get the sense the show could be happening in a 100 seat theater or just in their living room.
— Derek James