I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Mona and Shara both onstage as professional improvisers and within the coaching and facilitation realm through several adult and teen organizations. These two are a bright future for improv and applied improv training: intelligent, talented, energetic, curious, immensely pleasant and highly dependable. They have a universal ‘likeability’ stemming from their attentiveness to those around them that enables them to thrive with students of any age.
— Andy Sarouhan, Head of Un-Scripted School of Improvisation
Solid instructors. Very knowledgeable of their craft. Their experience, passion, and joy illuminate the classroom. If you have a chance to practice with them, I recommend Mona & Shara.
— Dan Maher, Performer and Teacher @ ArtsQuest

We love to teach! Check out some of our most popular offerings below. And we're always happy to dream up a new one with you as well.

Participants: We work both with theaters for open-enrollment classes and with performance ensembles who want to explore these skills and formats as a team

Timing: Our workshops can range anywhere from 2 hours to weekend-long intensives. Contact us to learn more about our specific offerings and what will serve your group or theater best. 

How do you get in the head of a character so you can have their spontaneous reactions? What's the best strategy for keeping physical and vocal choices vibrant and clear over time in a longer show? How can you create different personas without judgement? In this workshop, we'll take a deep dive into character exercises that will allow you to quickly snap into and keep different characters throughout a show.

Character Bootcamp

The art of clowning is all about using your entire body to convey meaning. If you are an improviser who feels disconnected from your body, this workshop will teach you ways to bridge that gap in your performance.

Clowning for Improvisers

Connect Play Connect

Learn how to be an improviser everyone wants to play with. The best performers are often not the loudest or flashiest players but rather the ones intent on delighting their partners.

After our shows, we often get the most feedback not on the stories we've created but rather the worlds we have built to house those stories. The weight and sound of a door as it opens, a closet mirror that allows you to realize your roommate is a vampire, a walk-and-talk through a hospital. In this workshop, you'll practice using effective space object and environment work to bring any world to life.

Creating Worlds

Whether you are a die-hard Shakespeare fan or you are looking to expand your acting range, improvising in the style of The Bard gives you permission dive in with big with emotions, plot twists and strong character choices. Studying this format will push you to access more power onstage than you thought possible. 

Improvised Shakespeare

Don’t let anyone tell you improv is just a hobby! In this interactive talk, we’ll share stories of how we’ve made improv into our full-time careers and get you started on your way to doing the same.

Improvise Full-Time

Learn how to perform a completely improvised two-act play or musical. In this workshop, you’ll explore how to create a strong platform for your story, keep characters consistent over time, and co-create a longer story with your fellow improvisers.

Narrative Longform

Want to tell passionate love stories or get into wild fist-fights? This workshop will teach you the down and dirty ways to safely and sensitively show intimacy and violence onstage.

Sex & Violence

Super Scene is one of our favorite improv formats. Not only is it a great way to delve into directed improv and longer narratives, but it’s also a nearly fail-proof way to guarantee your audience has a wonderful time!

Super Scene