Donate -- Europe

Thanks for coming to the Donation Corner! We came up with some fun ways for you to be involved in our European adventures. If you’d like to donate, browse below, see what catches your fancy, and take the plunge. If you're looking to help us out but don't have the cash right now, no worries. Another thing that's very helpful to us is writing reviews of our shows or workshops on Facebook


A personalized postcard from Europe. ($10)

We'll send you a postcard from Norway, Finland, or the Netherlands. It will include a little thank-you note, just for you (and anyone else who reads it along the way - it is a postcard after all). If you're lucky, it might even include a limerick!


Your face on a popsicle stick in Europe. ($50)

We'll print out a picture of your face, tape it to a popsicle stick, and take a photo with it in front of something beautiful and/or touristy. We'll post it on social media along with some lavish compliments. If you've ever wanted a puppet version of you to go to Northern Europe, now's your chance!  


A private improv workshop in the SF Bay Area. ($300)

We'll lead a private 2-3 hour workshop for you and your improv buddies! Options include: Intro to Improv (for anyone), Clowning for Improvisers (for beginning to experienced improvisers), and Sex & Violence (for experienced improvisers). You provide the participants and space, we'll do the rest!