Mona and Shara Do Improv... at the San Diego Improv Festival! 

Saturday, February 17 @ 10:00-11:45pm at Finest City Improv


JaxN Reed: JaxN Reed has a total of 12 solid years of improvising together. They show the audience a small part of the world by bringing strong characters, solid relationships and great stage chemistry.

GUS: One of the zany troupes of the Baltimore Improv Group, Gus has been performing their special brand of character driven, fast paced montage since 2006 in Baltimore and around the country!

Mona and Shara: Mona and Shara have been improvising for a combined 16 years. They met in college performing with the Stanford Improvisors and are now both ensemble members at San Francisco’s Un-Scripted Theater Company. In the summer of 2017, they toured the U.S. for 9 weeks performing and teaching improv in 19 cities.

Private Dicks: Step into an Original Improvised Noir Musical that brings 1940’s Detective stories to life with a musical improv twist. Private Dicks is a hilarious trope-filled thrill ride that brings out just as many laughs as it does plot twists.

I saw Mona and Shara in Hartford and loved it! I was so impressed by their wide range of characters and ability to slip right back into these complex characters they’d created earlier in the show. I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it and would love to see them again.
— Allie Rivera, audience member
These ladies are hilarious. They could make watching paint dry into something bizarre and entertaining. Go see them!
— Melissa Holman-Kursky, audience member