Europe Tour



The MSDI European Tour: Summer 2018

June 4 - June 11: Oslo, Norway

June 12 - June 17: Tampere, Finland (Finland International Improv Festival)

June 18 - June 20: Helsinki, Finland

June 21 - June 30: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Last year, we ventured around the country in a VW Jetta, and this year we're venturing all the way across the Atlantic Ocean in an airplane (a couple airplanes, actually). Follow our travels on Instagram and Facebook, check out our donations page to help us out as we go. If you're an improviser in any of the cities we'll be visiting, please check out our shows and workshops pages to see what's available (those will be updated very soon) or contact us to organize one of your own!

Europe Tour graphic design by Tan-ya Gerrodette.